An appointment is a good idea so that we are available to help you find your forever dress.  Gowns are heavy and some are stored in different locations so we need to be available to you so you can see a wide selection.

We do not limit the amount of people a bride brings with her.  However for your own enjoyment we advise to keep it to very select group of family and friends.  Too many opinions can confuse a bride and spoil the fun for her.

It’s never too early to order.  Most all dresses are shipped from overseas and made to order when a bride puts in an order. 


Six months is ideal. At this writing it takes about four months for a gown to arrive.  That leaves a couple of months to complete alterations. It’s always great advice when wedding planning to secure the venue then get the dress!

At this writing, it takes a minimum of four months for a gown to arrive.

YES! We will sell our samples for girls who are out of time to order a gown.

YES! There are always gowns on sale as the active styles are always changing.  This is also helpful for a girl who has a tight timeframe.

YES!  All of our gowns can be ordered in plus sizes.  No gown is off limits for any bride.

YES!  We buy our samples for the modern bride.  We have a wide selection of plus size samples.

YES!  Planning a wedding is expensive so we have a very easy layaway plan.