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One of the most important things a bride will do is have her alterations done professionally. Alterations will take you from good to Fabulous!

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a gown or accessories, if it doesn’t fit correctly you will not look your best! Breathless Bridal is all about the fit! We are staffed with fitting experts that know how to measure your body properly in order to get the correct size gown initially. After the gown comes in, we can access how it looks on you and tailor the gown to your particular figure for the most flattering fit. We are here to make you Breathless!

Alteration FAQs

This can be a complicated answer.  Generally it’s between six to eight weeks before the wedding.  If you are trying to lose weight, make the appointment as close to the wear date as possible.


If you are in need of a lot of alterations such as a bodice take in or anything complicated, more time may be a good thing.  Our alteration department can discuss this with you an advise you when to set your appointment.

Again this depends on the complexity of the alterations.  Usually four to six weeks.

The most important thing to bring with you is your shoes.  The hem cannot be pinned without the shoes you plan to wear with the dress.  You should decide on the heel height and buy the shoes before your appointment.  Be certain what you want to wear as going from a three inch heel to flats will make your gown three inches too long once it’s hemmed. Also bring any undergarments you would like to wear with the dress such as spanx or a special bra etc.  We do carry bra cups including pushup which can be sewn directly into the dress eliminating the need for a bra.

Again, that depends on what you will need to have done.  Because Breathless Bridal is staffed with fitting experts and seamstresses we try to order the gown for the best fit possible minimizing your need for alterations. We do offer a package price for brides who buy their gown from us and that package can be included at the time of the sale.

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