How to Pick the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

How to Pick the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Given the amount of planning that goes into a wedding, it can be easy to overlook the importance of selecting a mother of the bride (or groom) dress to don on the special day. You have been at the couple’s side through every step of their love story, offering invaluable advice along the way. You deserve to wear a dress that embodies the significance of the role you play on their wedding day. Here are some tips on selecting the perfect gown:

Dress for the Occasion



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The bride sets the tone on the formality of the occasion, so look for her opinion on how glammed out you are expected to dress. Extravagant church weddings may favor dramatic, shimmering formal gowns, while bohemian, outdoor ceremonies may call for more relaxed, minimalist looks. Remember, although you won’t be at the altar with the bride or groom, you will likely still be at their side for much of the wedding, so you deserve to feel your best.

Complement, Not Match



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The wedding will have a specific color scheme set to tie the bridal party and venue decor together. You should avoid wearing the same color that the bridesmaids are wearing, but you can maintain the cohesiveness of the ceremony’s theme by choosing a dress color that complements the color scheme, rather than matching it. 

No Bridal Looks



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This may go without saying, but we recommend that you stay away from white, ivory, or cream colored gowns, unless the bride specifically requests otherwise. Traditionally, because the bride is the star of the show on her wedding day, she should be the only one wearing white at her ceremony. Besides, with such a stunning array of elegant colors to choose from, you’ll find that you won’t have any problem finding something special to fall in love with. 


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